Chewy Granola Bars with Dark Chocolate, Almonds & Dried Cherries

You can find the recipe for these chewy granola bars on the Epic Mom’s website where I originally shared them.

Chewy Granola Bars with Dark Chocolate, dried Cherries & Almonds |

As a food blogger, I often feel pressure (totally self imposed, mind you) to follow the trends and jump on the holiday bandwagons. As someone who isn’t a huge planner and often makes recipes “just because”, the idea of making recipes ahead and then sharing based around a holiday stresses me out. With Valentines just a few days away, the food blogging world is blowing up with pink desserts and heart shaped sprinkles. As much as I try to get behind the big red day, I just can’t.

Chewy Granola Bars with Dark Chocolate, dried Cherries & Almonds |

In full disclosure, I *might* have even made you something sprinkle-y and pink tinted had it not snowed 2 feet here last week. But all my free time was spent either being on parental duties, snowboarding, or stretching my tired legs on the couch. So, yeah, no special treats here. But I can’t really say I’m sorry. Like I said, V-day isn’t my thing.

Powder Days!!!

I did, however, make some pretty awesome granola bars a few weeks ago. And they just happened to be the perfect snack for stashing in my pocked while riding. And even better that I got to share them with the man sitting next to me on the lift (my husband). I personally can’t think of anything more romantic than shredding pow with my man. You see, just because my feelings towards all the hoopla around Valentines are pretty adverse, I’m really a lover at heart. Bring on the romance, a little chocolate and a lot of fluffy white stuff and I’m sold.

Chewy Granola Bars with Dried Cherries, Dark Chocolate & Almonds |

You can find the recipe for this chewy granola bar recipe on the Epic Moms site where I shared the recipe. You’ll also get to read about how much I dig my husband.

Happy Monday, everyone!!