Favorite Dry Skin Winter Products

I love just about everything winter has to offer. From wearing cozy sweaters and worn in leggings to making my slow cooker a permanant fixture on the kitchen counter. I love spending mornings on my snowboard, strentghing my legs and freeing my mind. I love not having to shave my legs even though the lady next to me at the gym feels otherwise. If I had any real criticism about wintertime in a ski town, it’s how dry my skin gets. The conditions are all over the place and sometimes pretty extreme. We battle dry air, high winds, a beating sun, and of course, the snow. When you spend any length of time outside, you’re bound to end up with a sunburn, chapped lips, wind chapped cheeks and dry skin. Over the years, I’ve come to rely on some products that battle the conditions and help this (very low) maintenance girl save her skin.


1. Aquaphor– I swear this stuff is a miracle product. It’s what I slather on my kids when they get the inevitable dry, flakey redness around their lips from licking so much. (This is so a kid + winter thing.) I’ve put it on elbows, at night when I have extra dry lips and it’s my new my go to when I have pesky cuts on my fingers that leave dry skin around just begging to be picked. (Sorry for the visual.)

2. Aveeno Radiance SPF 30– I’ve spent countless amounts of dollars on nicer facial creams with SPF and after the recommendation of a friend, I ended up trying this not that long ago. It’s hard to find a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 that isn’t too heavy. This is light, smells wonderful and at $20 a pop, it’s hard to beat the price. Plus Jennifer Aniston is the spokesperson and who doesn’t want to have that skin? I feel the need to tell you that I really love Eminence Vanilla Day Cream SPF3 32 and have been using it for years but at $60 a tube, it’s definitely more of a splurge.

3. Weleda Skin Food– I have a tube on my night stand and one by my kitchen sink. This is a lifesaver in the winter when my hands are so dry from washing a trillion times. I even have some creepy cotton gloves that every once in a while, I’ll slather Skin Food on my hands and then sleep in the gloves. It freaks my husband out but I have lovely hands come morning time. I smells citrusy, is pleasantly thick and if I had to pick only one of these as my favorite, the Skin Food would win every time.

4. Aveda Lip Saver SPF 15– I have multiple tubes scattered amongst my life. The two most important live in the console of my car and in the pocket of my snowboard pants. The SPF keeps my lips protected from the sun and it’s soft, goes on easily and is good for even the worst of chapped lips. Have you ever had sunburned or wind chapped lips? IT IS THE WORST.

5. Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Creme– When I actually do wash my face at night, which isn’t often I’m afraid, I like to slather a good night creme on. This is pretty heavy- a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin looking a little greasy but since I’m going right to bed, I don’t care. I dig the smell and by morning the shine is gone and I feel like the cream has done it’s work.

6. WATER, AGUA, H2o….lastly, I can’t preach enough about the importance of water. It’s the wonder product of all wonder products. I try to drink in the neighborhood of 70-80 oz of water a day. It not only makes my skin look better, but I sleep better, am less achy and it has the awesome, added bonus of making me pee a lot. #NOT but whatever- it’s worth it. Drink up!

No sponsors here just sharing what I love and use on a regular basis. Do you have a favorite product to use when it’s cold and dry out? I’d love to hear as it’s always great to discover something new!