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Last week we went from one ski town to another. Spring break for us meant a Colorado road trip and ski/riding as many resorts as we could. We ended our week in Aspen visiting with old friends that we hadn’t seen in ages and spending time with my cousin and his girlfriend. No better way to spend vacation then on the hill and with people we love. This week is all about catching up on laundry and work and settling back into our routine. We’ve had gorgeous blue skies all week minus an itty bitty snowstorm so you can bet we’re all soaking up as much vitamin D as we can!

The Goods |
Hiking Smugglers in Aspen, CO

Who knew growing green onions was so easy?

Made these cookies to take on our trip last week and we ate every. single. one. From the cookie queen herself.

I want to go back to school. For reals… this place looks amazing.

Who wants to go to the movies with me?

Best idea for a taco yet.

The Goods |
Learning to snowboard at Beaver Creek last week.

Need a cute, quick read? Just finished THIS and loved it.

By the way, are you on Good Reads? It’s how I find all my next books. Come join me!

Stepping out of my comfort zone this week and attending a non food related blogging conference. Watch out all you crafty bloggers, I’m coming for you. (Not really- I’ll be the one in the corner.)

It’s an annual. It’s my favorite weekend of the year. I always gain 5 pounds. It’s happening next week. Time to dust of my dancing shoes. Jazz Fest, baby.

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Waiting for pizza is tough work.

For as disappointed as I was in Don Draper’s return, Olivia Pope’s departure made up for it. Now that I’m looking for a new series, do you suggest Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

My favorite find this week.

I love end of the season deals. Just ordered a new snowboarding coat for next season! Woop.

For the record, even though I don’t wear mom jeans, I live in yoga pants. So NOT the same thing.

Chubby on The Goods |
Because dog kisses melt my heart every time.

Have a great Thursday, everyone! Make sure to check back this weekend for a smoothie recipe that I’ve been digging on all this week.