Holiday Minted Giveaway + Thoughts on Writing Things Down

A special Holiday $150 giveaway thanks to Minted.


Minted Giveaway | #minted #giveaway
Notebooks for grocery list making, recipes, editorial calendar and thoughts.

As a blogger and someone who spends a majority of my time online and does the majority of my work in front of a screen, I relish the opportunity to go offline and distance myself from the digital world. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the impersonal nature of the internet. While I’ve made my living doing just that, I always have been (and always will be) a person that does better in real life, face to face. What can I say, I’m a talker.

Minted Giveaway | #minted #giveaway
Personalized thank you cards.

There so much more value in making an actual phone call or better yet, dropping by a friends house to have coffee and catch up in real life than “checking in” on Facebook or sending a text. I have a love-hate relationship with Evites. I can appreciate the convenience and time saving efforts in sending a quick digital invitation- but, but, but… they’re so just impersonal. I could keep going with examples- apps to write your grocery list, calendars that sink between your phone, iPad, computer, tablet and whatever else you have. And when did sending emails to share your condolences, say thank you or congratulations become ok? For the record, it’s not ok. Sit down and spend 5 minutes hand writing a letter- a little goes a long way.

Minted Giveaway | #minted #giveaway
Special wrapping paper from Santa.

So you want to know a little something about me? I’m addicted to paper. I send thank you notes and cards for no reason. I have a bazillion notebooks where I write anything and everything down. My phone doesn’t sink with anything. I have an old school paper calendar that is the life force of our family and I have special notebooks dedicated to my editorial calendar, creating recipes, for making my grocery lists and one that holds phone numbers and addresses- you never know when you’re phone is going to break. I even have an old snowboard boot box filled with personalized and pretty stationary that makes me giddy every time I look through it.

Minted Giveaway | #minted #giveaway
My favorite notebook that makes me smile every time I look at it.

I’m pretty exited today to share an awesome giveaway from the kind folks at Minted who make a living because of people like me. People that love paper! Personalized stationary, day planners (squeal!) holiday cards, custom wrapping paper and my beloved spiral notebooks that I’d be lost without. If there is anything I like better than paper, it’s personalized paper!

Minted Giveaway | #minted #giveaway
One of the photos going on our custom Minted holiday cards.

Minted is know for their beautiful holiday cards and I can’t wait to send mine out. They’re enroute as I type. The above photo is just one of the photos we choose to go in our cards this year. It’s not too late to order your holiday cards, you know- you don’t want to be left having to send an email photo card- SO NOT OK.

Please enter the giveaway below by telling me your favorite way to write things down. Good luck you to you and have a great weekend!!

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