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Canada Lake, NY | The Goods |

I can’t believe the 4th is tomorrow. It snuck up on me out of nowhere and I’m not nearly prepared. Where is the summer going? I’m digging the lazy, warm days and they’re going too quickly for my liking. I haven’t had nearly enough popsicles and have still yet to make a pitcher of sangria. And really I just want to be back at the lake.

Growing Potatoes in Recycled Tires | The Goods |

How cute are these recycled tires turned potato planters? The perfect vehicle for growing ‘tators.

While on vacation I read this book, this book and this book. The first one was only ok but that last two were great.

I also bought this cookbook and this cookbook on vacation. Oh, and this one too. Admittedly, I might have a problem.

U Pick Strawberries | The Goods |

What are your favorite strawberry recipes? If you’re smart, you’ll make this.

Some call it summer but I call it the season of salads. This one and this one caught my eye this week.

Dinner in 12 minutes? And I don’t have to turn on the oven? Sold.

My favorite food finds on vacation? This peanut butter/almond butter blend will blow your mind.

Swig Knock Off Cookies | The Goods |

Sometimes you just need to have a cookie. I saw this recipe last week, had everything on hand and made them almost instantly. I’d give them 4 thumbs up if I could.

For all my fellow boy moms.

I kind of want this swimsuit. But what I really want is to learn how to strike that pose.

Has anyone seen Chef yet? I’m dying to go see it. I love me some Jon Favreau.

Sparks Naturals | The Goods |

I just got a big order from Sparks Naturals. I’ll be doing a giveaway for one these soon + sharing a fun recipe for beating the heat with some of my favorite oils.

Have a fun and safe fourth and enjoy the long weekend! xoxo Kelley