The Goods

The Goods |
My favorite view at Canyons Resort

I’ve been milling around the idea of starting a new series here. In addition to Taco Tuesdays and 1-2 other recipes each week, I’m also going to start doing a post where I give you a little of this and sprinkling of that. Whether it be a new restaurant I tried, a great book I’m reading, musings from living in a ski town or sharing my favorite pair of socks; it will be a way for me to give you a little more of myself and share more than just what I eat. Expect a mish mash.

Why “The Goods”? Well why not? The goods is what I say when I’ve just had a great powder day or dug into my favorite dish at a local restaurant. It’s what I say when I slip into my old, tattered slippers and what I feel when I’m out for a hike with fido. You can get the goods, eat the goods, buy the goods, feel the goods, and see the goods on any given day. So here go… The Goods, week one.

The Goods |
Fresh flowers are always a good idea.

Fresh flowers are never not a good idea. Thank you, Costco.

Once a Mountain Mama, always a Mountain Mama. I guess that’s why I’m obsessed with this shop. I am so ordering the Lotus Leggings.

My little four year old still calls elevators “eligators”. I don’t think I’m ever going to correct him.

He also “accidentally” sprayed an entire can of shaving cream all over the bathroom. Good thing he’s so cute. And makes a pretty good hiking partner.

The Goods |
Setting the pace.

Scandal started last week and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I missed Olivia + gang.

Can you say chocolate mug cake? How about vanilla?

The Goods |
I’m holding up my shirt & my muffin top up.

Kitchen burns are part of cooking, I get that. I’ve burned my wrists, elbows and plenty of fingers. But my belly? This was a first. Slow cooker + reaching for a glass in the cupboard above. Ouch.

I’m gearing up to start a cleanse in a few weeks. I did this one last year and I felt great but… but….but…. but I don’t wanna. But I needa.

I want this shirt.

But I need this one.

A fiction book about food bloggers? I so just downloaded it to my iPad.

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo