Vanilla Bean Cake with Buttercream and Shaved Coconut

The title might be false advertising……….because…………I made this cake with a boxed mix.

I know, I know.

Let’s just cut to the chase.


A quality homemade cake is going to beat out a cake made from a box just about every time.

But making a cake from scratch isn’t always in the cards.

Sometimes it’s a shortage of ingredients, sometimes I don’t have the energy or the time and this case, it was a bit of all three.

I volunteered to bring a cake to my parents house to celebrate my Dad’s 63rd birthday.

With every intention of making him a coconut cake (his favorite) from scratch, it just didn’t work out like that.

We all need a break here and there and this day, for me, it came in form of a boxed cake mix.

Cake mixes are easy, quick and let’s be honest, kinda hard to screw up.


When your using a cake mix the goal is for it to taste like it DIDN’T come from a box, right?

A few tweaks to the directions and adding homemade frosting to this cake, not only did it taste homemade (almost), it was delicious.

Happy Baking!