Waffles with Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese, Peaches & Blueberries


Vermont Creamery Chèvre gets a quick makeover with honey and cinnamon turning into a delicious, tangy, sweet spread for waffles with fresh peaches and blueberries.

Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese Spread made with Vermont Creamery, www.mountainmamacooks.com #breakfast #waffles #goatcheese #vermontcreamery

I’m excited to team up today with Vermont Creamery and Zutano, both Vermont based companies, to bring you a fun, easy and tasty kids friendly recipe plus a fun giveaway. Vermont Creamery and Zutano have teamed up this month on a great campaign: Kids & Kids. A fun play on words, they’re bringing kids clothing and baby goat (kids) cheese recipes to you! I’ve always been a fan of both companies so I’m thrilled to work with them on this. My older son had quite the Zutano collection when he was younger and, of course, passed it all along to his younger brother who has just about outgrown it all. *sniff, sniff.* How do they grow up so fast? I swear, I blink my eyes and they’ve grown a size overnight.

Kid & Kids, Zutano & Vermont Creamery Giveaway, www.mountainmamacooks.com
photos courtesy of Zutano

Vermont Creamery makes the most amazing cultured butter– and you know how much I love my butter, so that’s saying quite a bit! The goat cheese is just as spectacular. The chèvre is great crumbled over a salad or smeared onto a baguette with some fresh herbs but I’m totally digging their creamy goat cheese spreads right now as they make a great quick snack spread on crackers or some celery sticks- the roasted red pepper is to die for! Goat cheese can be a great option for growing bodies as it’s high in calcium and protein. It’s a little easier to digest than cows milk cheese so those with dairy intolerances can often eat goat cheese instead. The fact that there are no additives, preservatives or growth hormones in Vermont Creamery’s products makes me one happy mama!

Waffles with Blueberries and Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese Spread, www.mountainmamacooks.com

I wanted to make a kid friendly recipe that was quick and one the kids could could actually help me make. Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day so we got to work Sunday afternoon, making this breakfast for dinner. In all honesty, this isn’t much of a recipe. It’s ultra quick to put together and hardly requires any cooking at all- unless you count toasting waffles in the toaster… it’s been so hot out, any excuse not to turn my oven on, I’m all in!

Waffles with Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese Spread & Peaches, www.mountainmamacooks.com

The fresh fruit is so incredible right now, pick whatever is good locally and go for it. These can be topped with whatever you fancy- bananas, berries, sliced plum, peaches… you name it, I know it will be good! I totally cheated and used frozen gluten free waffles (sometimes even I need some help in the kitchen) but any homemade recipe would be spectacular!

vermont creamery and zutano giveaway, www.mountainmamacooks.com
photos courtesy of Vermont Creamery & Zutano

Now for the giveaway! One (1) Mountain Mama Cooks reader will win a $75 gift certificate to Zutano and a gift basket filled with Vermont Creamery products. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to use goat cheese in a recipe! Good luck everyone. Giveaway will end Sunday, July 21st 12:00 am MST.

Please visit Zutano and Vermont Creamery to learn more about their Kid & Kids program and see all the wonderful product they have to offer!

Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese Spread made with Vermont Creamery, www.mountainmamacooks.com #breakfast #waffles #goatcheese #vermontcreamery

Waffles with Honey-Cinnamon Goat Cheese, Peaches & Blueberries + Vermont Creamery and Zutano Giveaway


  • 4 oz Vermont Creamery Classic Chevre
  • 3 tablespoons organic honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 6 organic, gluten free waffles (or your favorite brand)
  • fresh peaches
  • fresh blueberries


  1. Toast waffles to desired doneness based on manufacturers directions.
  2. Meanwhile, in the base of a small food processor, add Chevre, honey and cinnamon; pulse until well combined and smooth.
  3. When waffles are toasted, spread each one evenly with the goat cheese spread and top with desired fruit.

I was given product by both Vermont Creamery and Zutano to review. All thoughts, ideas and recipes are my own.