Why did you start the blog?

I’ve been working on and off as a personal chef for about 10 years. Mountain Mama Cooks starting during one of those “off” times. With two young kids and a husband that travels a lot, it was hard for me to find the time to maintain a lot of my personal chef clients. I cut way back on work after my second baby was born and started the blog as a way to keep myself filled creatively. It was a way for me to share what I love and stay at home with my babies. I never imagined that more people other than my mom and a handful of friends would read but I’m so glad you did!

Is your husband really a stuntman?

Yes. Even after 10 years together, it still sometimes takes me by surprise. It’s not unusual for him to shoot Angelina Jolie, or get punched in the gut by Tom Cruise, or crash a motorcycle into a moving truck. It’s all in a days work for him. He’s been doing stunts for 20 years and truly loves what he does. He’s a big kid at heart. Most of his work is done in New York with the occasional job in Los Angeles or on location. Because we spend our off time in Utah, he’s on the road a lot. If it’s a long job, the kids and I pack up and travel along with. Over the last 10 years, we’ve lived in or visited him on set in New York City, Los Angeles, Italy, Lake Powell, North Carolina, New Orleans, and Mexico. If you want to check out his resume, all his work is listed on here on IMDB.

Can I post one of your recipes on my own blog?

I’m flattered that you liked one of my recipes enough that you want to share it on your own site. If you’re featuring one of my recipes, I just ask that you do it in the right way. And by that, I mean use your own words, your own photos and link back where appropriate. I do request that you re-write the recipe in your own words and link back to the original recipe on my site. It’s the right thing to do after all.

Can I use one of the photos from your blog?

All photos on Mountain Mama Cooks are copyrighted, as is the text that accompanies the recipes. I never give permission for any photo from my blog to be republished without my permission. ESPECIALLY when that photo is republished together with the recipe. Don’t be stealing my work, yo, it’s just lame. I work hard to maintain integrity on Mountain Mama Cooks and give credit where credit is due. I understand that we all find inspiration from each others work so please take that inspiration and make a recipe your own. I maintain the right to ask for removal of my photos and/or recipes at any time for any reason. (Please contact me if you’d like to ask about using one of my photos.)

Would you like to review a product or host a giveaway on your blog?

If you have a product that is relevant to Mountain Mama Cooks and my readers, please email me at kelley@mountainmamacooks.com and I’d be happy to discuss it further with you.

Do you work full time on the blog?

As much as I’d love to say yes, the answer is no. The blog is more of a hobby right now but has been great exposure and growth for my “real” job as a personal chef. Some clients I’ve had for 13 years now. My work is seasonal so I generally work my butt off November through March and work the odd job here and there over the summer. It’s a great gig and I’m fortunate to make a living at something I truly love to do. If you’re interested in learning more about my personal chef services, check out my “hire me” page or email me at kelley@mountainmamacooks.com