Anne Thornton’s Chocolate Croissants


These “chocolate croissants” are ridiculously simple. And, almost as good as the real thing.
After only 15 minutes of minimal work in the kitchen, you are rewarded with a buttery, flakey, chocolate filled pocket of puff pastry. My kind of recipe!

With two kids, I feel like I barely have time to get a quick shower let alone sit down and watch a show in it’s entirety. So I record just about everything and catch up when I can. As I sat folding laundry last week (it’s always something, isn’t it?), I was able to get through an entire show of one of my new favorites: Food Network’s, Dessert First with Anne Thornton.

If you haven’t watched this deliciously sinful show, I suggest you tune in. It’s confectionary heaven.
Anne Thornton is easy to watch, she cracks her self up constantly, and though a trained pastry chef, her recipes are simple and totally assessable for the home viewer. After watching her make these chocolate croissants on her show, I knew they would be the perfect ending for my Easter brunch. I can’t tell you how easy these were to put together. I had my family over last weekend and everyone loved them. This is one of those recipes that your guests will be wowed by thinking you slaved in the kitchen when really all you did was wrap some puff pastry around a chocolate bar.

I will definitely be making them again. And again. And again.


My uncle would kill me if he saw the picture above (that’s his hiney bending over) but since he doesn’t get online, I guess I don’t have to worry about him seeing it! To get the recipe for Anne Thornton’s easy chocolate croissants, go here.

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Have a great weekend!