Cranberry Pecan Oven Baked French Toast

Can you believe Christmas is next Tuesday? Where did the time go? How do these years keep flying by so quickly?
Ah, yes, it’s those things called kids. And work. And being an adult. (Or at least trying to.)

Cranberry Orange French Toast Casserole,

The last thing I want to do Christmas morning is stand at the stove cooking while my family is opening presents and relaxing. I want simple, I want easy, I want already done. That’s where a breakfast casserole comes in. You can assemble it the night before and stow it away in the fridge. The bread soaks up all the yummy egg mixture and in the morning all you have to do is throw it in a hot oven and 30 minutes later you have a golden puffy and ultra decadent breakfast leaving you plenty of time to sit in front of the fire and soak in your friends and family.

Overnight Cranberry Orange French Toast,

You can find this recipe on the Canyons blog where I’m guest posting today! Let it snow, let it slow, let it snow!

Happy, Happy Everything to you and yours!