Dill Pickle Chips

Mostly savory, just a touch sweet and the perfect tang. These Dill Pickle Chips are not only a super easy canning recipe but they’re also going to be the first thing to go at your summer picnic! Thank you to Dixie Crystals for sponsoring this post.

Dill Pickle Chips | mountainmamacooks.com

Summer is my favorite season to can and preserve. Tomatoes are hands down my favorite thing to put up (even though there an absolute pain in the a$$) and I also love making jam since I use so darn much- I have buttered toast with jam just about every single day. So coming in at a solid third place: anything pickled. Dilly beans, quick refrigerated pickles, pickle relish and…..you guess it….Dill Pickle Chips.

Homemade pickles means that every single sandwich or burger you eat this summer will be exponentially better than if you’d left them off! #promise

Dill Pickle Chips | mountainmamacooks.com

I think adding just a touch of sugar really balances the savoriness of the dill pickles out. And while you could certainly make these into spears, the chip really is perfect for tucking into a burger or stacking onto a turkey or ham sandwich. I also think chopped up pickles is the key to a great egg salad. Or the secret to any grilled cheese. If you can’t tell, pickles are my wheelhouse. I love them in a major way!

Dill Pickle Chips | mountainmamacooks.com

Get the full recipe HERE. And while you’re on the Dixie Crystals website, stick around and check out some of the other canning recipes I’ve created for them! It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your summer canning list!

Have a great rest of the week, everyone! And as always, thanks for reading!! xo, Kelley

*This recipe was created in partnership with Dixie Crystals as I’m an ambassador for the company and somehow am lucky enough to get paid to create canning recipes and share them with you! (Yes, my job is awesome!) As always, all opinions are solely mine.