Double Chocolate Strawberry Muffins


Remember how I told you that I was doing too much baking?

I still am.

But this time it comes in form of strawberries. And chocolate. So I didn’t think you’d mind.

A few weeks ago, the Mr. and I packed up the kids and hit the road for an almost two week southern California vacation. My in-laws live there so we try to make the trip once or twice a year. We flew there in February and I traveled home with a suitcase full of citrus so I could make meyer lemon bars. This time we drove which means I came home with 6 bags full of Trader Joes loot and a crate of the most luscious juicy strawberries you’ve ever had. They were grown in Carlsbad and I picked them up at the La Jolla Farmers Market. I love road trips………….


I used the majority of the flat to make some strawberry-vanilla bean jam. Yes, you heard me right. strawberry-vanilla bean jam. I could say that over and over without it ever getting old. And yes again, the recipe and tutorial will be coming soon.

I had a few strawberries left and they need to be used up pronto.

When berries are on their last leg I like to either throw them in smoothies or some kind of baked good.

Baked goods usually win out. Especially when chocolate is involved.


I remember seeing a recipe on the delicious blog, Savoring the Thyme for baked donuts. (FYI- I need a donut pan.) This particular recipe involved strawberries and chocolate (win!) but since I don’t have a donut pan, I made them into muffins. If you get a second, check out not only the really fun baked donut recipe but all the other delicious recipes Jennifer has on her blog.

Don’t be afraid of the ingredient list. It’s long, I know. But I had every ingredient in my pantry. If you can’t find whole wheat pastry flour, feel free to substitute regular whole wheat flour or all white flour.

I know this will come as a shock, but these muffins didn’t last long around my house. The baby loved them, I loved them, the mr loved them, and I think even the dog got a hold of one!

Recipe adapted from Savoring The Thyme