Easter Confetti Cookies


This is what results when you let your five year old take the lead when making Easter Cookies. Sugar Cookies with M&M candies and rainbow sprinkles. A kids dream and I if I do say so myself, pretty darn good!


Making cookies in muffin top pans is nothing new. You can thank Jenny from Picky Palate and Avery from Love Veggies and Yoga for that. Every time I see one of their “deep dish” creations I mentally put one of the specialty pans on my want list and then quickly forget about it. But last week I walked past a display of whoopie pie pans (same thing, I think) and just had to pick one up. One afternoon, two different recipes and a belly ache later, I’m sold. These pans are worth the $12.


The cookie results are thick and chewy, just how I like ’em!

This is a basic sugar cookie dough that I added a little almond extract for extra flavor. We simply pressed some easter m&m candies on top and finished them with our favorite rainbow sugar from King Arthur Flour.

Easy peasy.