The Goods

Praise the weather Gods from above because it’s been dumping here all week. While many of you groan with another winter storm this late in the game, I couldn’t be happier as riding the mountain is my happy place. The fresh air, the fact that my back quad is bigger than my front right now, the goggle tan I’m starting to sport, getting my exercise outdoors….all of it. Spring skiing is my wheelhouse and it’s all the better when freshies are to be had! I’ve been on the mountain everyday this week and it’s making me sleep like a baby at night. Crossing my fingers that the snow keeps on coming!


Snowboarding selflies are a must. Especially really mature ones.

A healthy cocktail? This means I can have two, right?

For my fellow type A’s.

Next in the queue.


There are good days on the mountain and then there are good days. Yesterday was the latter. A great group, a fast pace and nothing but smiles and good energy by all.

Only 70 days to go.

It’s just so good.


My weekly shot of my favorite gal. She also shares my love of the snow.

Cauliflower crust? Cauliflower rice? What is my carb loving world coming to?

My favorite quick breakfast is about to become a series.

It’s a matter of need. I swear.

boys jumping

Stuntmen in training. I have 3 new gray hairs to prove it.

For the locals: this will be a once in a lifetime for the kiddos.

It’s on.

I spent no less than an hour the other night searching for handmade soap on Etsy. Clearly I need an intervention in how I spend my free time.

Have a good Thursday, everyone. Be sure to come back tomorrow for an almost healthy cookie recipe. Almost, folks, almost.