The Goods

What a week. I feel like I’m the verge of getting a cold and I can thank stress and too much sugar for that. When it rains it pours. But I’m not here to vent about my long week- this is called The Goods after all. All I can say is thank the heavens for dog snuggles, dark chocolate, white wine, warm lavender baths and healthy legs that allow me to run off some steam. Here’s hoping next week is better!

Mothers Day Selfie | The Goods
At least I have my crazy peeps to keep things in perspective.

I bet a pan of these would make me feel better. These would probably do in a pinch too. Awe, hell. It’s been a rough one, how about both.

An honest look at motherhood and great read to boot.

Vermont Creamery Butter The Goods
When all else fails, eat good butter. It always makes ME feel better.

No lie, this is the best butter I’ve ever put in my mouth. Plus it comes in a basket. What’s not to love?

I’m always looking for a portable and nutritious snacks to fuel me when I’m getting busy outside. These are perfect for stuffing in my pocket while hiking or stashing in my tennis bag.

Because I love my Cast Iron.

Fairy Garden The Goods
Fairy garden (minus the fairies) makes for a one of a kind Mothers Day gift.

Obviously these would be awesome on tacos, salads and any sandwich but is it weird that I immediately think cocktail?

Cheryl is a genius. And just saved my sanity by sharing this one simple trick.

Chubbs The Goods
Dry trails, sunshine and exercise. It’s the ultimate trifecta.

If you look closely enough you’ll see my favorite gal in the middle of the trail and get your weekly Chubby fix. She really is the best dog.

Mixing pancakes and science. I officially nominate this guy as the coolest dad. Or at least the most inventive.

Only 34 days to go.