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The Goods | #TheGoods

I volunteer in my son’s class on Mondays and when I went in this week, 13 out of 21 kids were out sick- 2 with confirmed cases of the flu. After my initial fear and actual contemplation of pulling him out of school until the end of the year, I realized that was crazy and instead, put a plan into action. First I donated 3 jumbo sized containers of wipes to the classroom so the kids would have plenty of reinforcements when wiping their desks down at the end of the day. I sent my little guy with a personal size container of hand sanitizer and pleaded with him to use it throughout the day. (It’s still in his backpack…) We’re washing our hands OCD style, diffusing essential oils around the clock + rubbing it on our feet morning and night. We’re taking extra doses of vitamin C and D, drinking a ton of water and making sure to get enough rest. Besides crossing my fingers and hoping we can avoid the gumb-u, do yo have any tricks or home remedies you like to do to ward off the flu season? All input and advice is welcome! Here’s to staying healthy over the holidays!!

On my rather last minute baking list:
THESE (because holy drool worthy).
THESE (my old reliable).
THESE (because baked goods to go with your coffee are where it’s at).
And THESE. (If no other reason than I’m fascinated at making a homemade version).

The Goods | #TheGoods
These Banana Date Muffins from Cosmo Hippie Chef were a hit this week!

To balance on the sugar:
THIS (The ultimate in comfort).
THESE (She had me at Havarti…).
And for the love of it all, THIS. (All my favorites in one healthy dish).

The Goods | #TheGoods
I’m addicted to these dried cherries-they’re the best!

The feel good stuff:
17 reasons. (A mans best friend).
18 women. (Who put the bad in ass).
14 movies. (Grab the popcorn).
And THIS! (Bring a tissue).

The Goods | #TheGoods
We got to watch my niece compete last weekend!

Mountain Mama shopping list:
Can a girl have too many boots? (Me thinks not).
The ultimate in leisure ware. (Excuse me while I cure up in a dream…)
I have no reason other than it’s adorable. (Forget about totally unpractical).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xoxo, Kelley