The Goods: Canning Edition

I get a little animated and overly excited when I talk about canning as it’s truly become a passion of mine. So bear with me if it gets too much. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a cupboard full of pantry items that I’ve put up to enjoy all winter long. I have my tried-and-true recipes that I put up season after season and I enjoy trying a couple new recipes each year as well. If you’re new to canning, I urge you to start. I know it can be intimidating but I promise once you get the hang of it, it’s a cinch and the pay off is ten fold! Welcome to this weeks edition of The Goods: Canning Edition.

Canning Edition The goods

This is what my pantry will look like (or somewhere close) when I’m finished canning this year!

Holy moly does this look good.

I’ve yet to make this but melon season is going strong right now (thanks mountain weather!) and I’m going to give a whirl.

Another one I’ve yet to try but it’s her most popular post and I can see why. These are SO happening next week in my kitchen and getting handed out for the holidays.

Quite possibly my favorite jam recipe of all time.

I’ve tasted this recipe first hand and it’s a perfect 10.

Cutting Onions | The Goods |

I keep an old pair of ski googles in the drawer when I have to cut a lot of onions. It might look silly but it works. Plus it reminds me that winter is just around the corner. #winwin

I am so madly in love with this tote it’s silly. I have a serious case of the wants.

And this one has sparkles. I love it almost as much.

And don’t we all need a rustic wooden tote to carry our canned goods? (The answer is yes.)

And because this is just too cute.

Roasted Tomatoes for Marinara | The Goods |

This is my go to apron (NOLA style, of course) when I’m about to get after it as seen above. Can we talk about how gorgeous these tomatoes are?

My top two canning cookbooks are this one, this one. My And I’m pretty sure I need to add this one to my arsenal.

This is a GREAT canner. As in the best.

Next year I’m going to invest in this. It’s a breeze for making apple sauce.

Personalizing your jars- it’s totally a thing.

And dressing them up? It’s totally a thing too.

Roasted Tomato Marinara | The Goods |

Tomorrow I’m sharing this Heirloom Tomato Sauce with you that you see above. It’s a full day endeavor and one I’ve lovingly nicknamed, liquid gold. After 33 lb of tomatoes and almost 6 hours, the result is 6 precious quarts. Can’t wait to share it with you!

And last but not least, be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY HERE to win some of my favorite canning things! Have a great day, everyone!