Grilled Ham and Jarlsberg on Brioche

Yesterday I made what was quite possibly the best sandwich I’ve ever had. EVER.


Was it because it was a grilled cheese? Was it because I just worked out and was starving? Was it because I sat down and ate in the only 20 minutes of silence I had all day? Was it because I used leftover Christmas ham, homemade peach preserves and rich brioche bread? I think it was a combination of all four but I’m pretty sure the majority of its success laid in the ingredient list.


Really and truly this sandwich was unbelievable. So good, in fact, I texted my brother about it after just a few bites and I quote, “I just made a grilled cheese with the leftover ham from yesterday with my homemade peach jam. It was so good I almost cried.” Take it for what it’s worth but this might be the best use of leftover ham ever. Period.


Ham is pretty traditional in my family for Christmas dinner. I hosted this year and baked the ham with a simple mixture of dried mustard powder, homemade peach preserves, and a little brown sugar. I just love how the sweetness plays off the saltiness of the ham. So when I went to make a sandwich for lunch today I decided to go with the same idea. I mixed a few tablespoons of peach jam with a tablespoon of dijon mustard- which in itself is a masterpiece.


But then I decided to use the last few pieces of brioche bread that we’ve been toasting all week for breakfast. Have you ever had brioche? It’s eggy, rich, slightly sweet and makes a killer grilled cheese. Who knew?


For the cheese, I went with grated Jarlsberg. The nutty swiss is always in our fridge. This mild cheese was the perfect compliment to the ham and dijon-peach spread.

I savored every last bite of this sandwich. In silence. After a great workout. It was without a doubt the best part of my day.

Please go make this sandwich and share it with someone you love. Grilled cheeses do make the world a better place. I’m sure of it.