JG Melon


Just over 10 years ago I went to New York for the first time.

It was a trip of firsts for me. I had never been to the big apple and I had never hailed a cab.  It was the first (definitely, not the last) time I hopped on an airplane with less than a day’s notice to follow to follow Pete to his “next job.” It was also the first time I visited Pete on set. I watched my now husband fall down these crazy steep cement stairs like he was Gumby over and over and then he comes up to me so nonchalantely and asks me what sounds good for dinner.  Huh?   Say what? Really?  You don’t need a band-aid or something?  A pack of ice?  Nothing?  Let’s go to dinner?  Uh……..ok.

And for the first time, went to J.G. Melon.

J. G. Melon. Where to begin?

Well, for starters, you don’t go to here for a quick dinner because there is always a wait. And I mean always.  You don’t go here for the warm greeting because the two people- the only two people- who have ever taken my name for the wait list are short.  And I’m not talking about height. You don’t go here for the decor and lack of noise- it’s the other way around- lack of decor and lots of noise.  You can either sit at the bar, in the back where it’s ultra crowded or you might be lucky enough to get a table on the patio a.k.a the sidewalk.
You go here for this.

Or, if you’re my husband, you go for two of these.

They have one of the best burgers in New York City, if not the best. Hand pressed, cooked on the flat top and served on a slightly grilled bun, they are perfection.

The cottage fries are crispy, salty and are washed down perfectly by either a fountain coke or beer. They make a pretty decent salad served in an oversized wood bowl and after taking kids, a great grilled cheese.

J.G. Melon is a place we go (at least once) every time we are in the city. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years. More than I’d like, I jump on a plane with less than a days notice. I know how to hail a cab. I married that crazy guy I watched fall down the stairs and we had two beautiful little boys.

One thing that hasn’t changed?

The awful service and delicious burger.