Pear Vanilla Bean Jam

Fragrant vanilla beans set this pear jam apart and spread on a piece of toasted seedy bread, this Pear Vanilla Bean Jam is down right swoon worthy.

Pear Vanilla Jam |

Admittedly, I’m am a vanilla bean junkie; I put it in EVERYTHING. I use a heavy hand in most of my cookie recipes, it’s the star ingredient in this granola and I also love to infuse it into some good olive oil or add a teaspoon to my smoothies. It’s also my secret ingredient when I’m making jams and preserves.

Pear Vanilla Bean Jam,

Making jams and preserves during the winter months is something I’m doing more and more. I love taking advantage of the seasonal produce and having a pantry full of homemade jam comes in handy around the holidays or when you need a quick hostess gift. Case in point? I’ve given all jars of this jam away except one and I only made it a few months ago. I’m saving the last jar to glaze a pork tenderloin with some caramelized onions and white balsamic vinegar. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Pear Vanilla Jam |

You can still get pears at your local grocery and just about any varietal will work here. Try to pick fruit that is ripe but not overly ripe and conversely not under ripe either. I made this recipe for Imperial Sugar and you can get the recipe on their website HERE.

Have a great Monday, everyone! See you back here for Taco Tuesday!