Roast Pumpkin and Kale Lasagna


I know, I know. It sounds weird.

But guess what? This was absolutely delicious.

Or says the husband who would eat steak at every meal if he had the option.

I’m a big fan of winter squash and cook it often but I tend to stick to butternut, spaghetti or acorn squash. I don’t know why it never occurs to me to roast a pumpkin. I suppose because its so easily available in the canned section of my local grocery store. It’s a shame though because the pumpkin that I cooked a few days back is no match for what comes in the can. If you’ve never cooked pumpkin, I suggest you get on it people. It’s nothing like the canned stuff. Here is a great photo tutorial if you’re new to cooking pumpkin.


This is the perfect meal for the changing seasons. The lasagna screams fall with the pumpkin and kale but I also used the last of the summer produce with some fresh roma tomatoes, some sweet red onion and garlic I picked up at the farmers market. I really wanted to highlight each ingredient so I kept the seasoning to a minimal. And instead of making a traditional marinara, I made more of a salsa type sauce by slicing the onions and keeping the skins on the roughly diced tomatoes.


I’m a fan of the easy dish. But then again, aren’t we all? So in all fairness, here’s my disclaimer. This lasagna involves more prep time than the average casserole. I will say, however, that each step is super simple and once you have all the vegetables prepped, the lasagna comes together in a snap. It’s a great meal for making ahead and it also freezes really well. (We will be having the other half of this for dinner one night next week!)


Admittedly a strange combination but the ingredients just work so well together. When you combine the sweetness of the pumpkin, the earthiness of the kale, the freshness of the tomatoes, the creaminess of the ricotta and smokiness of the provolone you end up with a vegetarian casserole that is filling, tasty and comforting.

A total win if you ask me!