Salted Chocolate Chip Blondies

Let me introduce you to my newest love affair…….salted chocolate chip blondies.


Yep, you read that right.

And, yes, they are indeed every bit as delicious as they sound.

I make (and eat) my fair share of desserts and these are without a doubt at the top of my list.

A few things make these blondies stand out.


First off, I use my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe which is made with browned butter. The browned butter adds so much depth to the cookies. Second, I like to add butterscotch chips because, really, what’s a blondie without butterscotch? Not a blondie if you ask me. And lastly, I sprinkle (with a heavy hand) a really good sea salt on the bars just before baking.

I personally think the whole salty-sweet thing should be a way of life.

Whom ever decided to start salting desserts deserves a medal. Or at least I should name my next dog after them.

I can’t get enough of the combination. These bars were devoured by a friend of mine that doesn’t really eat sweets.

(I know, who doesn’t eat sweets?)

Proof that these are that good.


I’m not shy about salting these bars but feel free to use some discretion and salt to taste.

Enjoy and good luck not eating the whole pan in one sitting. It happened to a friend of mine. You know, that kind of friend.