Spicy Brisket Sandwiches

Do you ever have one of those days that things just don’t go your way? Last Sunday, which started with only the best of intentions quickly turned into a series of mishaps.


After playing single mama for the past month or so, I was pretty excited to welcome my husband home that afternoon. Except he called to tell me he was not done crashing cars. Another week before he’d be home. Strike one. Shaking it off, I looked forward to the babysitter I’d arranged so I could sneak away for a morning of snowboarding and catching some fresh air. Except I got stuck on my first chairlift in high winds for 75 minutes. And then got denied getting on the next lift because half of New Jersey beat me to it and I didn’t have 90 minutes to wait. One run and done.


To ease the pain, I decided to treat myself to a fancy cappucino for the ride home. It was only after I’d gotten in my car and was driving did I realize I was given the wrong drink. A quadruple shot of burned tar. Awesome. At least when I got home I’d be treated to a house that smelled of the savory brisket I’d gotten up so early to start as I was having my {very pregnant} bestie over for lunch. Except I forgot to turn the crock pot on. So my house didn’t smell like anything.


In my attempt to come up with plan B for lunch, I made a quick veggie soup and some biscuits. Which would be a pretty awesome comeback had my biscuits not looked like hockey pucks.Tasty hockey pucks but still. At this point, I was close to cracking. I did what I hate to do. I totally bribed my 5 year old with a treat and cartoons if he’d leave me and my friend alone so we could have a quiet lunch. Again, it backfired. After taking his treat, he asked 6,386 questions in between his magic show presentations. Yes plural, as in multiple magic shows……………


And so the day went. On and on. And on and on. And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it got better.

Instead of brisket for lunch, I had it for dinner. And it was awesome.

Over my dinner for one, I reflected on the day. At least my husband has a job. I could have fallen off the lift. I didn’t really need a third cup of coffee. Asking 6,386 questions means I have a very healthy and curious child. And this sandwich was totally worth the wait.

The end.