The Goods

You know what’s not The Goods? Moving. AND ARE WE’RE DOING EXACTLY THAT IN TWO WEEKS! I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m sad, I’m melancholy, I’m anxious and I’m a wee bit stressed. We’re downsizing our house to less than half the current size, moving to a new neighborhood and leaving the house we built together and brought our babies home to. I’m up for a new adventure (and a much smaller house to keep clean) but I know myself well enough to know this is going to be an emotional couple weeks for me. As I take the opportunity to sort through 11+ years of stuff and simplify as much as I can, it’s also been a trip down memory lane. My plan is to keep the blog running like usual but if I find myself in a pickle (i.e too tired from the packing and un packing) and don’t get a post up, you’ll know why. Looking forward to getting settled in our new home. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and as always, thanks for reading!!

The Goods | #thegoods

Last week I traveled to Boise for a mixed doubles regional tournament. It was a weekend full of playing tennis, good eats and relaxing with the kiddos. If you ever make it to Boise, make sure to eat here, here and here.

When I can bring myself to turn on the oven, these are first thing up. Or maybe these. Can you sense a theme?

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous sandwich?

And this? I swoon.

The Goods | #thegoods

We’re gearing up for a garage sale this weekend and I decided to unload some of my cookbooks. This is just what I’m selling. I still have another 100 or so. Le sigh…. I love collecting cookbooks.

In my quest to simplify the way we live, I really loved this article and I’m loving this blog.

I promised the boys a camping trip after we get settled. Maybe I’ll take my slow cooker. And supplies for this art project.

The Goods | #thegoods

Yesterday our family spent the day at Canyons Resort doing a promotional photo/video shoot for their summer activities. It was a long day but a fun one. If it turns out half as cute as the winter one we did, it’s going to be awesome!

Justin Olsen is the photographer/videographer and he’s amazing. If you have a few minutes, check out this video. It’s the BEST.

The Goods | #thegoods

Every day we picked the older boy up for camp, my little one would hang out on the roof “relaxing” until his brother was ready. Staying hydrated to boot.

Do you do any canning? I’m wanting to try some new recipes this year and would love the suggestions. I found this tutorial on a quick (super easy) way to peel tomatoes and peaches. Can’t wait to try. Have a great rest of the week, everyone!