The Goods

The Goods this week comes from Southern California. We left a halfway unpacked house in favor of sunny beaches and fish tacos. I wasn’t all that keen on leaving so quickly after we’d just moved in but it was a welcome last minute trip. I felt my shoulders relax shortly after we deplaned the aircraft and I looked at my phone only twice yesterday. I’m sleeping like a baby and determined to the make the most of our last week of summer. On a housekeeping note, many of you emailed me yesterday that you weren’t able to leave comments. Mountain Mama Cooks was hacked and we (read: my web guy) had to disable a few things to get things fixed. It’s up and running now so talk away. Hope you’re all having a great week!

The Goods |

For what our house might lack on the inside, the outside is UNREAL. The backyard is our own little forest and we couldn’t be more psyched about it. I think it’s time to get the fire pit going and bust out the s’mores makings.

I so needed to hear this. And so do you.

Is this not the very best? We should all do this. For reals.

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I’m usually a coffee or black tea girl but I’m digging on the Chai right now. This is my favorite brand. With steamed almond milk, it’s The Goods.

Do you follow Jessica? She’s going on a book tour soon and you don’t want to miss it. Since she’s not coming to Utah, I need to vicariously live via you.

For my fellow peanut butter lovers: swoon.

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Admist all the packing and unpacking, my husband and I took a time out last weekend to go on a proper date at Deer Valley for one of their outdoor concerts. Despite the constant drizzle, we ate well and got our groove on to the sounds of Muscle Shoals and Lisa Fischer.

How gorgeous is this? The perfect summer dinner.

Or is this the perfect summer dinner? I declare a tie.

Flu shots are controversial at best. I loved this article on using essential oils as a natural alternative. If you’re pro flu shot, essential oils are a great additional way to protect yourself this winter! (use code: mountainmamacooks for 10% off of Sparks Naturals Essential Oils.)

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No weekly Chubby shot this week but I did happen to catch this one of her best friend. Could you eat her little face? #pitbulllove

Who knew? I thought a broom was a broom. All I know is mine is old. And gross. It’s time for a new one.

It’s everything I can do to not order a dozen pair. My favorite crops are discontinued. #bummed

Have a great rest of the week, everyone! I have a kitchen sink cookie recipe to share with you this weekend so be sure to check back!