The Goods

Blogging is a funny world. If you’re in it, you know what I’m talking about. No doubt it’s an unconventional way to make a living and as flexible as the job can be, so many of us struggle daily to find balance. Food blogging is primarily female and on it’s best day, we’re a bunch of women supporting one another in hopes to see each other succeed. At it’s worst, it’s like returning to high school and all your insecurities and inadequacies are front and center. I feel so fortunate to be part of a local community of food bloggers that I trust and have come to love. I’ve made some dear, dear friends on this crazy blogging ride and today I give a shout out to them; these ladies are The Goods in human form… like really, really the goods.

Apple Pie | #TheGoods

Annalise is the sweet soul behind Completely Delicious and the day before my birthday she showed up with this adorable personal sized apple pie. She remembered it’s my favorite and hot damn it was good. Thank you, sweet friend, it made my day!

Plastic + microwave freaks me out. I’m on a mission to replace all the plastic tupperware in my kitchen with glass storage. I’m thinking either this set or maybe this one.

Would it be weird if I told you I liked the screen when I saw these beauties on Facebook? I think it’s the sugar cravings talking.

Good thing I saw this gorg recipe right after. Way more up my detox alley.

Chubby Girl #TheGoods

My best gal doing what she does best: being pretty. Could you just eat her face? Her grey beard gets me every time.

There is a small part of me that will always be a hippie at heart. Don’t worry, I draw the line at hairy pits and wearing patchouli.

No Leprechauns, No Valentine’s, No Elves why that is Okay. Man I heart this woman.

This has single handily saving me this week. #bythespoonful

Snowboarding The Canyons | #TheGoods

Powder days are good for the soul. #truth

Happy first day of spring. If it’s no difference to you, I’m still hoping for a little more winter weather before it turns warm for good. Don’t hate.

I’m obsessed.

Talk to me about Tieks? Are they really worth it?

Chocolate Stout Chocolate Cake | #TheGoods

You’re never too old to have your mom make you a birthday cake. Even if you did bully her into making it….