The Goods

If anything is The Goods this week it’s the weather. The day before yesterday marked the official first day of fall. Did you do anything special to celebrate? I put mums on the front porch and bought some mini pumpkins to decorate the kitchen table. We had leftover chili for dinner and just because, I wore slipper socks to bed. I’m loving this weather and hope you are too!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather!

My in-laws are in town and last night for dinner I made two of two of my favorite recipes from blogging friends. This appetizer rocks and this main is tried and true.

I didn’t make dessert but I should have made these.

Or this. Holy cow is this a thing of beauty or what?

Pass me a cold beer and a plate of these.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Another day, another hike. The view never gets old!

A girl can never have too many leggings. Or sweater dresses. It’s my winter uniform.

Bookmark this TIP. It will come in handy this winter.

An all natural cold remedy.

Picked this book up from the library last night and can’t wait to dig in. Have you read it? My mom says I’m going to love it!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Nothing like driving around on a flat tire for 3 days. Oops.

Because it smells sooooooooo good. Because it almost makes me psyched to clean the kitchen.

Putting your garden to sleep for the winter. And don’t forget now is the time to plant garlic!!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Good Chubby Girl!

I’ve said it a hundred times over but the best part of our new place is this backyard. We play outside every single day and the novelty of raking up leaves hasn’t worn off on my boys and even our lab likes to get on the fun!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Naughty Chubby Girl.

But when you don’t throw the ball enough to her liking, she eats one of your favorite cookbooks. Lesson learned: throw ball more and don’t leave cookbook on the bed.

Have a good rest of the week everybody and if you do one thing today, GET OUTSIDE!