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This week has been absolutely beautiful in Park City. It’s week like these (and just about every other) that I’m so grateful to call Utah home. Cold mornings, beautiful blue bird days and chilly nights. I love that you need a coat and beanie in the morning and by mid-afternoon it’s t-shirt weather. We’ve spent all our free time outside hiking, playing in the leaves and making after dinner visits to the park. All too quickly the fall will be gone and Old Mother Winter will take over. While many mourn the emending change, I say bring it on.

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I am so excited to share this book with you. My dear friend Rebecca Brenner has written her first book, The Kids User Guide to a Human Life: Book One: An Open Mind. While the series is geared to pre-teens, I can attest that it resonates with adults as well. Book one teaches children (and anyone willing to listen!) how to recognize a chattering mind and gives guidance on how to have a relaxed Open Mind instead. It’s practical information and skills on how to live with less stress and more joy. Couldn’t we all use more of that? I truly wish I’d had this book as I was navigating adolescence and so unsure of how to deal with my emotions. I will decidedly be using this resource with my own boys. If you have kids, please consider supporting Becca and her quest to make the world a happier and healthier place!

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The little man and I have been cranking out apple sauce (pun intended) all week. It’s without a doubt my kids favorite thing I put up each year!

If you thinking preserving season is over, think again.

Have you ever made your own ricotta?

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I can’t wait to share the scone recipe that you see above. It’s the best of both sweet and savory. And have you had High West Whiskey? It’s the bomb dot com. Thanks, Annalise!

I’ve now ordered (and sent back) two pairs of booties. What do you think about these ones?

Poncho love.

I already own 3 pair. But I’d like to make it 4.

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Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween. As you can see, Chubby girl is thrilled to be taking care of the festivities! #not.