The Goods

Consider this the 2014 Holiday edition of The Goods. A few recipes, a mini Mountain Mama wish list and so many ways to give back because that’s really what this season is about!

The Goods| #TheGoods

For so many years, I worked my tail off, cooking and catering throughout the entire holiday season. I really slowed down last year, taking only a handful of catering clients and really focusing on spending quality time with my family. I’m doing the same again this year and instead of focusing on receiving gifts and working for others, I’m looking closer to home and hoping to share the magic of gift giving and spending time as family with my motley crew.

The most heartfelt letter ever to a child who wants to know….Is Santa Real?

Canceling Christmas all in the name of giving back.

As a special treat one night soon, we’ll have popcorn for dinner and watch our favorite holiday movie.

The Goods |
Our somewhat mini and totally crooked tree. It’s perfect.

How cute are these DIY popsicle stick frames? Just easy enough that my crafty-less self might be able to pull them off.

Cutest idea EVER for sending out of town gifts.

So many easy and unique ways to give a gift card.

The Goods | #TheGoods
I hope they always love and respect one another.

The kids have requested we make cookies to give their friends and they unanimously picked this recipe!

I’m hosting our family holiday get together this year and can’t wait to make THIS.

Adding THIS and THIS to go with.

I don’t think we’ll need dessert with all the cookies I have stashed in my freezer!

The Goods | #TheGoods
The cookies from an annual cookie swap I do with friends. Insane!

I’m putting THIS on my wish list. It’s a biggie but it’s long overdue.

I’m not only giving THESE as gifts this year, I’m hoping to get one myself!

And THIS is just too cute not to put on my list!

The Goods | #TheGoods
My best girl doing what she does best: laying in the sun.

And for my four legged gal, she’s getting extra snuggles, a few extra hikes and lots of bacon and treats for Christmas. She didn’t make a list but I’m pretty sure that’s what she wants!

Have a great day, everyone!! xoxo