The Goods

A day late and a dollar short. That’s how I feel about my blogging practice these past two weeks. With great intentions (isn’t that always the way it goes?) and a handful of great recipes ready to roll, I just didn’t get around to it. I catered for a large group last week and between work, a huge snowfall, and life stuff the blog was inadvertently neglected. But alas, I’m back (did you see the awesome recipe I posted yesterday for some homemade energy bites?) and The Goods today is chalked full of…well… the goods! Hope you’re all have a fantastic week!

The Goods |
A full blown blower pow day.

Bust out the slow cooker. THIS looks delicious.

I’m literally drooling over THESE.

Putting THESE on my Superbowl party menu.

Two of my favorite healthy things combined into one tasty comfort food.

The Goods |
Catering for one of my favorite groups in a gorgeous house!

Where’s my cape?

This is SO my next house. Or where I’d like to retire anyway.

9 Truths ‘Moms of Boys Only’ Need to Know.

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Deep as deep gets.

11 questions to ask your kids that will make them happy. Note it doesn’t include how was your day?

Books to hit the big screen this year. Have you read any of them?

Speaking of books I just finished THIS and THIS. Read both.

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Our winter wonderland backyard.

My new favorite socks.

How cute is this sweater? Bonus that it’s on sale!

I think I need to add THIS to my kitchen collection.

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My famous blender salsa!

My favorite condiment in the kitchen lately. I drizzle it on just about everything.

Have you seen The Judge? It was such a great flick.

My favorite way to read the news these days.

The Goods |
Big chocolate and little chocolate.

And how could I not leave you with the Weekly Chubbs? And, of course, her newest sidekick, Nacho.

Have a great day everyone. Check back Saturday for the muffin of all muffin recipes!