The Goods

Greetings from gorgeous Hawaii! We’re having a fantastic time and I apologize for not posting more on Instagram or Facebook. Actually, I take that back. I’m not sorry. It’s been so nice leaving my phone in the room all day and not checking email, social media or taking pictures. BEing present in each moment and spending some seriously awesome quality time with my crew. I’m managing to sneak in just enough alone time to read a book and take the occasional cat nap too! Hope you’re all having a great week wherever you are! This is The Goods this week!

The Goods | #TheGoods
The best part of vacation is all the down time!

I started reading this but it was too heavy for me right now. I’ll visit it later and instead I’m loving this totally frivolous read!

I’ve seen every swimsuit under the sun this last week and a ton of ladies (with every kind of body shape) rocking a two piece. It got me thinking that maybe I need to get over my tummy hangups and go for it. What about this one?

The Goods | #TheGoods
This has been my view all week. Please don’t make me come back.

My favorite flavor in popcorn– YES!

I’m drooling. Bring me a spoon. STAT.

Y to the E S. This is my kind of food.

A quick weeknight dinner idea that’s healthy too!

I’ll take all the meatballs, please.

The Goods | #TheGoods
My husband and some of his buddies paddling out on a Supsquatch!

This is genius. And so adorable. For all book lovers (and freaking adorable kids too) out there!

The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself– And All The Woman Around You. (Listen up, ladies.)

Happy belated birthday, Judy Blume!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Plenty of time for playing too!

I’ve been living off rice (and papayas) this week and have decided to invest in one of these when I get home.

I have a serious girl crush going on.

Speak your #truth, woman! Being Thin Didn’t Make Me Happy, But Being ‘Fat’ Does.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Oh how I miss this face.

Short and sweet this week, folks. I’ve got a beach to get back to! xo, Kelley