The Goods

I have to go do the orthodontist this morning and I’m not psyched about it.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Spending my birthday with this sweet pea. That is The Goods!

You see, I’ve had a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth since I got my braces off when I was 12. 12!!!! Let’s do the math, folks. I’VE HAD THE SAME RETAINER FOR 26 YEARS. Oh dear God. For the most part I don’t even know it’s there and it doesn’t bother me. Unless a piece of broccoli or popcorn gets wedged underneath the wire and then I’m all over it, using whatever I have on hand to get said food out. And that’s precisely what I was doing yesterday afternoon when I felt one side of the retainer pop. Uh, what? And just like that I now have 1/2 a retainer cemented to my bottom teeth. The other half is dangling in my mouth, poking my tongue every time I try to talk or eat. So instead of the super awesome spring groomers I planned to take this morning, I’m instead in a dentist chair taking care of Edward Scissorhands whom seems to be renting my mouth. This, you guys, is not The Goods. So instead, let’s talk about what is.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Skiing and lunch with a dear friend? That’s The Goods.

mashed potato snow + pizza + carpaccio lunch + friends new and old = a damn near perfect day. Thanks Solitude!!

Oh lawd I need to this: tricks to staying calm when you’re interacting with a d-bag.

And for all my fellow menstruating women: ain’t this the truth?

The Goods | #TheGoods
Watching two friends roll around in the mud? That’s The Goods.

It’s that time of the month and I want all the food. Like all of it….

All carbs. All comfort. And I want it for dinner now.

Pass me a cold beer to wash these down. The perfect March Madness snack!

And I WANT CHOCOLATE!!! And a whole pan of these.

And because I’m obsessing over pavlovas right now: THESE!!!

Because I can’t eat sugar for every meal, this soup would balance everything out.

And to make your life a million times simpler: 20 meals that go from freezer to your slow cooker to your table. YES!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Having popcorn for dinner? That’s The Goods.

Because we all run out of power all to often: 10 tricks for quick charging your phone!

I love this series from Outside online, Raising Rippers and this particular article on Risky Parenting really spoke to me.

I just started this book I told you about last week and in the meantime also stole borrowed this one from my mom.

A birthday gift from my mama and can’t wait to start playing with it!!!

The Goods | #TheGoods
An afternoon of beer and cheese tasting? That is SO The Goods.

Wanna come eat cheese and drink beer with me? Duh, of course you do!!! Come join me on the 29th!!

My FAVORITE moisturizer to date. And it’s SPF 30 to boot!

Have a great weekend, everyone!