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Somehow The Goods didn’t get up last week. Because you know what? Life, kids, puppies…a good book and springtime snowboarding (yes, it’s true…..) that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. So what’s a girl to do? Get stressed? Not my style. I just rolled with it. And this week The Goods was that much easier to get up because half of it was already done! Have a great long weekend and hope it’s filled with good food, good friends and lots of sunshine!

The Goods | #TheGoods

We’re dealing with a “pertussis outbreak” in Park City. Not fun I tell you. But keeping the boys home a few extra days has been nice. It means family walks and lots of extra snuggle time!

OMG, this video is just so, so good. #rockon

I can’t wait for this new cookbook to be released. Love their blog, love their two other books.

This video on how to become gluten intolerant is hilarious and so worth the few minutes.

Get after it because you know what? Bikini body is subjective and at the end of the day who cares? #beautyredefined

The Goods | #TheGoods
Where winter meets spring.

I’m so head over heels with this pie. Bring me a fork. And then go away because I don’t want to share.

I love these flavors and bonus points for a quick and easy chicken dinner.

The perfect spring dessert (it’s easy, yeah!!!) + tips for quick clean up when you’ve got guests coming over.

Vegetarian + Mexican = my idea of a perfect dinner.

The energy bite craze continues and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

This is EVERYTHING: toast to the ten hundredth degree.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Fresh everything bagels from New York. Thanks, honey!

My favorite Instagram of the week. Maybe ever. And not just because of naked men. Read the caption.

I’m so not book club material but I love this list on best book club picks regardless! I’m always looking for a new-to-me read!

I just checked two books out from the library yesterday since we’re hitting the road for spring break and want to make sure I’m covered. This, which I started yesterday and am already loving, and this for when I’m done.

The Goods | #TheGoods
I love a good garage sale find. All these linens for $20!

I really hope leggings never go out of style. And I NEED these to add to my ever growing collection.

I love this dress from target. Wouldn’t it be cute paired with cowboy boots?

I’m not sure if Birkenstocks will ever come back in style but I’m hoping they do because I want these sandals!

The Goods | #TheGoods
Nacho’s favorite place to hang is always right in the way.

John Legend officiates a dog wedding and the result is a sweet video all for charity.

Hope you all have a wonderful (hopefully long) weekend! We’re headed south for some sunshine, tennis, hiking, pool time, cousin time and a weekend filled with relaxing. As always, thanks for reading! xoxo, Kelley