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Deer Valley's "Trillionaire Bars". I need to recreate these stat!
Deer Valley’s “Trillionaire Bars”. I need to recreate these stat!

And just like that Thanksgiving is next week. Wasn’t it just July? I swear time gets shorter as we age. Any who, I’m excited to host Thanksgiving next week as it will be the first time I really get to give my new kitchen a run for it’s money! I’ve already got my menu planned- full of our families favorites and all the traditional dishes- and am actually going to start prepping this weekend. We’re expecting snow on and off all week so I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than snowboard in the mornings and cook and hang out in my kitchen in the afternoon! Have a great weekend, everyone and enjoy this week’s The Goods.

The Goods | #thegoods
Spending time with two of my favorite blogging friends, Heidi and Becky.

Love this update on the classic peanut butter pie.

The time of year when I eat ALL the brussels. Digging this shredded brussels sprouts salad.

Oh good Lord, it’s a snickerdoodle bundt cake. For reals.

And this pasta? I want to shove my whole face in it.

I love broccoli as is (no really, I do!) but smothered in all the goodness? Yes, please.

The Goods | #thegoods
Hiking this time of year is the best. Of course only the best snacks will do!

I’ve fallen in love all over with this cookbook all over again. Perfect for the upcoming baking season!

And I’ve been cooking from this oldie but goodie too.

This is seriously the best book series if you’ve got young kids. We’ve just finished the series and laughed through every single book!

Now we’re reading the first Harry Potter together and it’s this beautiful illustrated version my mom bought for my son on his birthday. It’s a gorgeous book and perfect for reading to younger kids! I’m loving rereading the series with them!

I just finished this book and I LOVED IT. I know there is a sequel so hoping to get that read soon but I need a little break in-between. I think next I’m going to read this book. It was recommended by one of my son’s teachers who’s an avid reader and it looks great.

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My favorite go to lunch mid week: seedy bread, hummus + all the veggies!

Ellen Degeneres + Bradley Cooper cooking for a cause. Need I say more? God he’s dreamy.

Who would you be and what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Lady Gaga for President.

It’s so wrong yet so, so right. I swear I’m not a bad person but I laughed the entire 6 minutes.

Once I finished Gilmore Girls, I dove in head first to watch Season 5 of Downton Abbey before the final season airs next month.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Lunchlady Brownies from Chocolate, Chocolate and More blog.

Can you say high waisted work out pants that suck all of it in? Oh hell yeah. (I have 2 pair and am obsessed!)

Somehow in the move I donated a box with much of my winter gear. I’ve had to replace a few things while the others I’ll live without. First up snowboarding pants. Same pants as before but new color. I’m digging them big time!

I’m pretty good for a new pair of boots every year or two. these boots are comfy and cute. Double win.

Have a good one and I hope you get to enjoy your weekend doing whatever it is you love to do! xo, Kelley