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Where did this week go? Oh, right. It passed in a blur of catering, catering and more catering. I’m sorry I didn’t get my intended recipes up on the blog this week but I literally cooked nonstop for clients this week and then hosted an impromptu dinner party at our house last night. So although my week involved a ton of cooking, none of it was blog related. Oops. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes. My catering obligations slow down for a few weeks and I have every intention of getting back at it here. Unless, of course, it snows a bunch and then I’ll blow you off again in lieu of the mountain and snow. Hope you understand 🙂

Let’s get to this weeks The Goods, shall we?

The Goods | #thegoods
We ran into 5 (FIVE!) moose on our hike this past week!

I made THIS RECIPE last week and I’m making it again tomorrow. Pass the butter.

Attention snack lovers: THIS is everything.

Loving on THESE MUFFINS. They call for an extra cup of coffee and reruns of Friday Night Lights.

I’ve been craving ALL the comfort foods. THIS CLASSIC is speaking my love language.

Old school meets healthy comfort food in this gorgeous WEEKNIGHT DINNER.

The Goods | #thegoods
I can’t get enough yogurt bowls: Noosa yogurt (my fave), granola, clementines, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, hemp seeds and toasted coconut.

On sale + I had a 25% discount code. I had to. And THEY’RE freaking adorable.

My workout clothing collection is ever growing. Meet my newest TOP.

My sweet mama gifted me THIS GIFT SET when she came back from the Pacific Northwest last month. They’re pretty much the bomb.

You’ll never buy another KITCHEN SOAP again: there’s a loofah in lemon rosemary one.. It’s the best.

The BEST smelling candle ever. And by ever I mean ever.

The Goods | #thegoods
My sweet fur babies after a long hike and run in with the moose 🙂

Just book THIS BOOK on my “to read” shelf on goodreads.

Are you on GOODREADS? Let’s be friends!

I checked out THIS COOKBOOK at the library and it just might be worth buying though I promised myself NO MORE COOKBOOKS! We’ll see……

My husband worked on THIS FILM all last fall. Can’t wait to check it out this weekend.

I totally want to see this too. #partytillyourpregnant

And have you seen this sweet movie? Amaze balls.

The Goods | #TheGoods
Banana Power Muffins with coconut, chocolate chips and oatmeal.

I’ve been going through older recipes on the blog and updating the photos as I’ve got some amazing recipes that have horrible pics. I made these Banana Power Muffins last week and now just need to get the photos uploaded!

And because I’m all about wasting 2 minutes on super cute videos, THIS ONE is a must watch.

Have a great weekend, everyone and thanks for reading! xo, Kelley