Asian Noodle & Greens Salad


I’m laid out in bed for the next few days. I had knee surgery yesterday to repair a torn meniscus and clean up some cartilage build up. As much as I’m loving catching up on my DVR and watching re-runs of the Next Food Network Star, I don’t do “nothing” very well. I’m a bit of a control freak and I don’t like relying on others to take care of me.

Thankfully I’ve got a great husband and really supportive parents. Together they’ve been bringing me meals in bed, watching the kids and making sure I do nothing. I’m so used to being the one that does the majority of the cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else around here that being in bed and getting pampered isn’t something I’m used to. I’m trying to embrace it and take some quiet time for myself. I can’t help but smile that it took knee surgery to get me to slow down.


As sort of a last hoorah, my husband and I went to New Orleans this past weekend for our annual trip to Jazz Fest. We boogied our booties off (yes, my knee payed for it) and we ate like champs. Mayonnaise and fried food champs, that is. So after a long weekend of glutton and me now being on the injured reserved list, we will be keeping things light in the eating department for the next little bit.


This is a light pasta salad heavy on the greens and vegetables. It’s great served cold or room temperature and would be delicious with any vegetables that you have on hand. Next time I make this, I’ll definitely add some chopped cabbage to the mix. Or maybe some salted peanuts. Don’t make it ahead, though as the spinach gets a little wilted.

Thanks for the all the kind words on twitter and Facebook. I’m sure I’ll be healed up in no time and back to kicking butt per usual!