Lemon Sugar Cookies and 10 Things My Mom Taught Me


Another Mothers Day come and gone. Which, for the record, is not enough in my book. We should celebrate moms everyday. Or at least once a month. But one day a year to celebrate what moms do? NOT ENOUGH. So not enough.


I was lucky enough to spend the entire day with my mom. In fact, I spent the entire weekend with my mom. My husband had to go to NY for work and my mom was gracious enough to move in this weekend helping with the kids, taking care of me and just being downright awesome.


In the last 4 days, she filled 16 ice packs, read 27 children’s books, washed 5 sinks of dirty dishes, played 108 games of Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, gave 5 baths, filled umpteen sippy cups, grocery shopped once, made every single meal and somehow still found time to lay in bed with me while we watched our fair share of Food Network and House Hunters. The most incredulous part? She did it all with a smile. Never a complaint. She just picked up where she saw I could not and she ran the Epstein House like a well oiled machine.


Mom mom has taught me so much about who I am today and the kind of person I hope to become. (Yep, even at 35 there is room to grow!) Here are what I consider to be her top 10!

  1. How to love unconditionally.
  2. Wash my face every night.
  3. Family comes first.
  4. Beautiful comes from the inside.
  5. Never underestimate the power of a hot cup of tea and a piece of chocolate.
  6. READING! The best escape is through a good book.
  7. Follow your heart.
  8. You can never hug your kids too much.
  9. Don’t buy a shitty vacuum.
  10. Be kind.

I will never be able to thank her enough. For this weekend. For every weekend she’s helped out in the past and for every weekend she’s going to help out in the future.


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