Blackened Cod with Mango Salsa


It’s spring! It’s snowing! It’s 70 degrees! It’s 38 degrees! Welcome to spring time in Utah. When Mother Nature and her bi-polar weather patterns are at it’s finest. Last week I had one of the best powder days I’ve had all year and two days later I was in a t-shirt taking the dog for a hike. As frustrating as the weather can be this time of year, it’s always the way it is.


And for me it means much more than just flip-floppy weather. It means that that not only is the winter drawing to an end but so is my “busy” season. The majority of my clients are second homeowners or vacation in Park City once a year. When the snow flies, I’m working. While I will have a few odd jobs through the summer, things are most definitely winding down.


With that being said, I hope you’ll forgive my absence the past two weeks. It was spent taking care of two of my favorite (and long time) clients. Two and half weeks straight of cooking for others. Throw in two young kids and a husband that was in New Orleans working, let’s just say I’ve been busy.

And tired.

The weekend was spent taking naps, catching up on snuggles and lots and lots of down time. I woke up today refreshed and believe it or not, ready to get back in the kitchen!


While I didn’t bust out this fish dish this morning, I did make it about a month ago just before I got really busy. It’s based loosely on a salmon dish that my husband gets every time we go to one of our favorite local restaurants, Sammy’s Bistro.


It’s light and bursting with fresh flavor. The blackening spices get a little burst of sweetness from a pinch of brown sugar that goes perfectly with the mango salsa. This mango salsa is just plain tasty. I can’t think of anything that it wouldn’t be good one. I make it year round to accompany many dishes. To make this a complete meal, I served it on a bed of steamed jasmine rice but feel free to serve it over greens or some cooked lentils or black beans…….all great choices!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it………..THANKS FOR READING!!!!! You’re why Im here sharing what I love best. Happy Monday to each and everyone of you!