Chicken Meatball Soup with Gnocchi, Sweet Potato and Kale

Chicken soup for the soul.

I suppose there is good reason a entire series of books is named after the ultimate comfort food.


What is it about a warm bowl of chicken soup? It’s comforting, filling, full of medicinal properties and sometimes it is the only answer to a long day. Whether a sore throat or a broken heart, chicken soup makes me feel better. Soup is always my go to when I’m feeling under the weather.


This chicken soup gets a bit of a make over with ground chicken meatballs and sweet potato gnocchi. Superfoods kale and yam finish the soup off making it kind of the bomb if I do say so myself. I made a big batch of this last week. We had a houseful of guys staying with us that happily gobbled up anything I put in front of them. I have to say few things make me happier than feeding other people. So it was awesome to watch it disappear quickly. I did, however, save just enough to give two jars to friends that were fighting off colds. Who wouldn’t love a jar of homemade soup?


Finally, finally, FINALLY, the snow is flying. I got my first official powder day of the season today! Yipee. After a cold day on the mountain, it doesn’t get more homey than this. Winter greens, sweet potato and mini chicken meatballs. Game on. Here’s to staying healthy and skiing powder days!