Cilantro Orange Barbeque Sauce

Cilantro-Orange Barbeque Sauce, MountainMamaCooks

Last week, I actually tried to “plan out” a week of menus. Something I don’t ever do. I’ve always liked the idea of making whatever sounds good opposed to making something I have to make because I bought the groceries. And during the winter, it works for me since I seem to be at the grocery store just about everyday anyway because of my clients. But this time of year, I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I want to play outside with my boys. Too many nights, I’ve been caught with nothing to make for dinner. So last Sunday, I planned 4 dinners for the week. Still giving us the flexibility of going out if we wanted but I knew I had some go to items when the dinner clock struck.

Orange Cilantro Barbeque Sauce, Mountian Mama Cooks

And when I say I planned 4 meals, I mean that in the loosest sense. I bought stuff to do breakfast for dinner one night, I bought a lb of ground beef, a ton of fruit and vegetables and two pork chops. I figured I could come up with something to make 3 nights and hopefully enough leftovers for night four. Funny that I even bought pork chops because I don’t really eat them that often. My husband loves them but since I do the cooking, I don’t buy them much. I don’t dislike them, I’m just sort of indifferent, I guess.

Grilling Pork Chops with Cilantro-Orange BBQ Sauce, Mountain Mama Cooks

With that being said, I was determined to make them spectacular. I usually do a quick pan sear and serve the chops with homemade apple butter. With it being as hot as it has been, I decided to take them out to the grill. I came up with a knock your socks off barbeque sauce. It’s perfectly sweet, tangy from the orange and freshness of the cilantro rounds it out. The best part is this sauce took all of 8 minutes to make.

Orange Cilantro BBQ Sauce, Mountain Mama Cooks

I still don’t know if I love pork chops but I love them more when they are slathered in this sauce. I am already thinking of all the ways I could use this sauce. It’s seriously that good. As far as the menu planning, I’m kind of digging it. So we’ll see, maybe I’m turing a new leaf!


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