Cinnamon Cake with Chocolate Buttercream


Working at home definitely has it’s advantages.

For instance, I can go to work in my pajamas, I can field phone calls while folding laundry, and I can make a cake whenever I want to………

Which is exactly what I did last week.

Since my computer is steps away from the kitchen, I always have butter in the house and it’s so easy to justify making a cake with the old “that will be a good recipe to add to the blog” excuse, I made cake. On a tuesday. For no reason.

Actually, there was a reason. I wanted something sweet and I was craving something cakey, cinnamony, and chocolatey.

The flip side of making cake whenever I want to and working at home is that I probably eat too much cake.


I’ve said it before, it’s why I workout.

So moving forward, let’s talk about this cake.


It’s pure simplicity. The cake pretty much came together in minutes. It has a delicious swirl of cinnamon-chocolate goodness running through it. You definitely don’t need to add the chocolate buttercream as the cake is enough on it’s own but it certainly doesn’t hurt the cause. When in doubt, add frosting. That’s how I like to do things.

This cake comes from the amazing book, Baking, From My Home to Yours, by Dorie Greenspan. It’s kind of like a baking bible. Everything I’ve made from the book has been delicious and Dorie’s intro to each recipe is like reading a short story. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend you pick it up! The original recipe calls for a chocolate ganache on top of the cake but I wanted a lighter frosting and opted for buttercream. Either way, you can’t lose.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to my handy food styling assistant…….


How can you resist those chubby fingers?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys these beautiful summer days, I know we are!