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Sorry if you got an error when trying to get to this post. It somehow up and disappeared on me. Gone, baby, gone. I so don’t understand the world of the web. It’s total irony that this is how I make my living these days. Go figure. Anyhow, summer is so close I can taste it. The kids only have a few days left of school and we’re so ready to welcome sleeping in, spending our days at the pool and making pies. Lots and lots of pies! Have a good one, everyone!!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam | The Goods |
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam for the win!

If you can still get your hands on some rhubarb, PLEASE MAKE THIS JAM. It will be the best thing you do this week.

I have died and gone to hog heaven. These are so happening soon.

She seriously had the best salad recipes.

Berry Crumble Pie |
This Berry Crumble Pie recipe is coming soon!

I love chocolate, I love lemon but I really love any fruit based dessert. I’m on my second go around, perfecting this crumble berry pie so be on the lookout for the recipe soon.

Do you have a favorite face sunblock? I need a good one that resists sweat. Thinking of this one.

I just ordered some cute flats that I can wear sans socks but I’m also on the hunt for some comfy sandals. Any suggestions? (Comfort is my middle name.) Also, I really love Zappos.

Sparks Naturals Diffuser |
LOVE this diffuser from Sparks Naturals

I’m psyched to be partnering with a local essential oil company and can’t wait to share more with you about my family uses the oils. I’m obsessed with my new diffuser from Sparks Naturals. I’ve been fighting my allergies by diffusing this blend at night. It keeps the dry throat and snotty nose at bay. Use the code: mountainmamacooks at checkout for a 10% discount.

I’ve been getting back on the protein smoothie train. This is by far my favorite protein powder. They’re all good but the vanilla bean is my fave.

Covering the gray and chopping the dead ends.
Covering the gray and chopping the dead ends.

It always feels good to get the gray covered and I always do an annual 2 inch trim to rid the split ends that get hammered over the winter. I like to call this look the side swept tumbleweed.

All mamas with little ones should read this. It spoke to me in more ways than one.

Promote literacy and get your everything on your summer reading list. Did I mention it’s free shipping? I really LOVE this website. #winwin

How could you not love that face?
How could you not love that face?

And now that the weather is PERFECT in Park City, no really it is, my best gal and I have been trying to get out and hike a few times a week before it gets too hot. I took her out last week and she came home and processed to take a 4 hour nap. I only wish I could have done the same.

Have a great weekend, everyone!