Whiskey Caramel Sauce

This caramel sauce has been a long time in the making.

high west whiskey caramel sauce, www.mountainmamacooks.com

It all started when I posted my Recipe Bucket List for 2013. My dear friend Annalise, baker extraordinaire, offered to help me get over my fear of making caramel. I graciously accepted her offer and we set up a caramel date for the next week. Except I had to cancel because my boy was home from school sick. We rescheduled only to have me cancel again because my car broke and was in the shop. We rescheduled yet again and I canceled yet again. This time it was dumping snow and when faced with the choice of driving down the canyon in a loaner car or making a few runs at Canyons, well….you can only imagine what I choose. So on our fourth attempt, we finally got together.
*I’m flakey. I know it. I own it. And I’m truly sorry.

making caramel sauce, www.mountainmamacooks.com

All I can say is, hooray for friends that kick ass in the baking/pastry department. And hooray for High West Whiskey. And hooray for sugar and butter. And a double hooray when you put them all together because you get Whiskey Caramel Sauce and a pretty great afternoon catching up with aforementioned friend that kicks ass in the baking/pastry department.

High West Whiskey Caramel Sauce, Mountain Mama Cooks

Annalise and I got together last week and each put our spin on a caramely concoction. She made Caramel Pudding with Sweet and Salty Pecans and I made a basic caramel sauce spiked with my favorite whiskey from local distillery, High West.

Conquering my fear of caramel, www.mountainmamacooks.com

At some point, I’d really like to attempt and master all things caramel: soft candies, toffee, some sort of hard candy, caramel frosting, ice cream…..the possibilities are endless! But wanting to master the basic, a simple caramel sauce was up first. Simple, yes, but spiked with whiskey this caramel sauce is far from ordinary. It’s buttery, sugary, boozy love.

Whiskey Caramel Sauce, www.mountainmamacooks.com

Contemplating what this sauce would be good on, ‘anything’ was the only suitable answer we came up with. Drizzled (with a heavy hand) on vanilla ice cream, warmed and smothered over a dense chocolate brownie, there isn’t anything this wouldn’t make better. If all else fails, put it on a spoon and and eat it neat. Annalise and I leaned against her kitchen counter and did just that. It was heavenly.

high west whiskey caramel sauce, www.mountainmamacooks.com

Whiskey Caramel Sauce


Boozy and buttery, this caramel sauce is a show stopper. Drizzled on ice cream or poured over a brownie, it is far from a basic caramel sauce.


  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoon High West Double Rye Whiskey or similar


  1. Over low heat, cook sugar in a dry heavy saucepan, swirling the pan until sugar is melted and pale golden.
  2. Cook caramel without stirring, swirling pan, until deep golden brown about 10 minutes.
  3. Remove pan from heat. Carefully pour cream into sugar (mixture will bubble and steam vigorously), stirring constantly.
  4. Return to heat and simmer, stirring, until hardened caramel is completely dissolved. Add butter and cook, stirring, until just incorporated.
  5. Once again, remove from heat and stir in whiskey. Serve warm.
  6. Or let cool and and refrigerate until ready to use. When ready to use, bring caramel to room temperature or rewarm gently and drizzle on anything and everything.