Meyer Lemon & Chili Infused Olive Oil

It’s not just snowboarding I’m sad to see go in the spring. Citrus plays such a huge part of our diet during the colder months, I’m always kind of sad to see it go. I always have a bowl of clementines and grapefruit on my counter for snacking and easy breakfasts but my absolute favorite citrus of winter is meyer lemons. The soft sweeter cousin to the lemon is a no brainer in baked goods- coconut meyer lemon bars anyone? But the subtle, sweet almost orange like flavor of meyer lemons is a real standout in savory dishes as well.

Meyer Lemon and Chili Infused Olive Oil,

A few weeks ago, I got together with Annalise of Completely Delicious for another day of recipe testing and gabbing. We tackled caramel a few months ago and made plans to get together again soon to make some simple syrups (her) and infused oils (me). Wanting to preserve a little bit of winter, I decided to do a meyer lemon infused olive oil. Not sure of how it would turn out, my only mistake was that I didn’t make a second batch. The flavor is so clean and fresh, I’ve been using it on just about everything; a simple dressing for greens, to coat vegetable before roasting and a drizzle on a piece of baked wild does wonders.

meyer lemon chili infused olive oil,

Infusing oils is so easy to do and you get a nice bang for your buck. Infused oils can be pretty pricey in the store and are usually made with some sort of preservative to keep them shelf stable. Making your own you can control the quality of ingredients not to mention it’s so much more economical. I decided to add some chili flakes to the oil 1) because I wanted some color and 2) I thought a little heat would go nicely with the sweet lemons. The oil is by no means spicy but it definitely has a little kick. Feel free to leave the chills out or double up depending on how hot you like it. I keep thinking of other infused oils I want to try so expect some more recipes coming your way!

meyer lemon olive oil recipe,

Keeping it short today as I have a date with the trail and my four legged friend. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Get outdoors, play in the sunshine and do something fun!


Meyer Lemon & Chili Infused Olive Oil


  • 1500ml bottle of good olive oil
  • The peels of three meyer lemons
  • 1 teaspoon red chili flakes


  1. I used a vegetable peeler to remove the peels of the lemon. The skin is soft and easy to remove. The vegetable peeler makes nice large strips of even peels.
  2. In a medium sauce pan, combine olive oil and lemon peels. Turn heat to low and let warm for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.
  3. Meanwhile clean the jar(s) you intend to store the oil in with soap and very hot water. *You want clean jars. Mason jars work perfectly here but a fancier bottle will work as well.
  4. When jar(s) are dry, place the chili flakes in the bottom of bottle. Pour the oil along with the lemon peels into jar(s). Store in a cool place and let oils sit for 7-10 days before using. Store oil in fridge for up to a month.