Veggie Bagel Sandwich


I love summers so much if not just for the fresh produce. Crispy cucumbers, arugula from my garden and, honestly, is there anything better than a freshly picked tomato? I think not. This time of year, I happily make my meals made up of vegetables only. I suppose because it’s so hot and I don’t feel like eating so heavy but I honestly don’t miss the meat.


I’ve made this sandwich (or some variation) three times in the past two weeks. It’s easy, I love it and it doesn’t weigh me down. Of course you could use whatever kind of bagel that you like but everything is my favorite. I love all the seeds, garlic, onion and coarse salt.


I think the key to building a great bagel sandwich is making sure you have a good vegetable to bread ratio. Bagels can be so big and filling so I like to pull the dough out in the middle of my bagel making more room for extra veggies. I like to smash the avocado with a little lemon and sprinkle the tomatoes with a good coarse salt.


If you’re a cheese lover like myself, feel free to add some sliced swiss or cheddar or even some pepper jack. I’m trying to watch what I eat these days so sadly the cheese didn’t make it to my sandwich. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday to you all!