Zucchini Sandwich Cookies


Why is there never enough time in a day? There is never not a load of laundry to be done. And if by chance I do have all the laundry clean and put away (which never happens), there is a sink full of dishes. Or a dirty bathroom. Or the sheets need to be changed. Or my windows need to be cleaned. Or the garden needs to be watered and weeded. Or someone spilled apple juice on the floor………..

I make lists, I get up a little earlier, I try to prioritize my time so I can get everything done. But I just can’t seem to get ahead.

So you know what?

I’m giving up.


Seriously. Who cares if my kids wear dirty socks? Is the world going to end if my windows haven’t been clear in ages? We’ll get to the dishes when we can. Because for all the chores that get ignored, I’m running a business. I’m mountain biking with my husband. I’m watching my kids run through the sprinklers. I’m making cookies. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Creating memories and nurturing relationships? I’m seriously exhausted trying to “do it all” so I’m giving myself a break. I’m done with the guilt and I’m done making myself crazy trying to accomplish something that quite frankly can’t be done.


In honor of me having dirty dishes and a laundry room full of cookies, let’s eat! What better way to celebrate than some homemade cookies? It always comes back to the cookies.

This is the perfect way to use summer’s finest and most abundant vegetable, zucchini. These thin cakey cookies taste like zucchini bread and sandwich some seriously delicious lemon scented cream cheese frosting.

One bite of these and I think you’ll agree that at least I’m doing something right!