Oreo Brownies with Oreo Buttercream


You are either going love me or hate me for this one. Maybe both. Don’t be surprised if your taste buds want to buy me flowers and your pants want to kick me in the teeth. Unless of course you’re wearing yoga pants, then it’s all good. Double Oreo brownies and elastic waist pants are a match made in heaven.


Oreo cookies and I have a love-hate kind of relationship. I love to eat them but hate that I can’t stop myself. I generally try not to buy them as there is no going back once I open a package. During a moment of weakness a few weeks back, I crumbled and bought a package. After eating almost an entire row just a few I knew I was in trouble. I was going to have to either throw the rest out or……………bake them in brownies. WHAT?


You see, my theory was that once I made the brownies, I could keep just one or two for myself and then give the rest away. I can’t very well show up to a neighbors house or give my friend a plate of store bought cookies. BUT if I bake them into brownies I then have a homemade product and who doesn’t love a homemade treat from a friend? And one that involves Americas favorite cookie to boot?

I know, genius.


So that’s what I did. I made brownies. With chunks of Oreo cookies. And topped the brownies with buttercream. Buttercream filled with more chunks of Oreo cookies. And then topped it off will the cookie crumbs.

Oh yes…….that’s exactly what I did.


And then I gave most of them away.

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