Small Batch Honey-Pistachio Granola

I’m pretty psyched to report that I graduated from physical therapy this week!! It’s been what felt like a long three months of doing minimal activity. I’m starting to slowly but surely get back into an exercise routine. And man have I missed it. Please don’t slap me, I really do love a good workout.

honey-pistachio granola

As much as I love the benefits of a toned body and the excuse it gives me to have another cookie or extra glass of wine, that’s not the real reason I work out. I do it because it keeps me from being a raging lunatic. Seriously. The natural endorphins that I get from breaking a sweat everyday, are key to my sanity. When mama doesn’t work her steam off through exercise well…….it can get a little heated around my house. Just ask my husband or kids. I’ve gotten up extra early 4 out of 5 days this week as I begin to get my booty back into shape. With little ones and a daily to do list that never seems to end, if I don’t fit an early morning jam in, it’s likely it won’t get done.

honey-pistachio granola breakfast, Mountain Mama Cooks

Having something to eat before I exercise is crucial. If I don’t, half way through I feel like I’m going to pass out. And what I eat is just as important. If I eat too much or the wrong thing, half way through I feel like I’m going to puke. Both are things I try to avoid (for obvious reasons). My pre workout snack is always one of two things. A piece of whole grain toast or a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter spread on it. My breakfast when I come home is always more substantial. A scrambled egg, a protein smoothie or a big bowl of greek yogurt, fresh berries and a handful of granola. Moving on the recipe!

greek yogurt parfait, Mountain Mama Cooks

Finally, we get to talk about this granola! It is why you’re here, after all. Honestly, I could eat some variation of yogurt, fresh fruit and granola daily and never get sick of it. Homemade granola is a cinch to make and I think it tastes way better than anything you can buy in the store. This honey-pistachio version goes beautifully with some plain greek yogurt. The granola is “small batch” simply because I only had 1 1/2 cups of oats and really was craving homemade granola. So small batch it became and tasty it was!

What’s your favorite breakfast to keep you fueled through the morning?