Summer Chopped Salad with Garbanzo Beans

It’s finally here, it’s finally here!!!! I feel like shouting it from my roof: summer is finally here!


After what feels like the longest winter in history, it seems that summer has decided to grace us with her presence.

The last few days have been absolutely beautiful in Park City. Exactly what mountain towns should be this time of year.

We spent the majority of the weekend outdoors. Keeping ourselves busy at soccer games, playing in the park, and grilling our dinners on the back porch.

I made this salad to accompany some steaks my husband threw on the grill. It came together effortlessly and I pretty much grabbed whatever vegetables we had in the crisper. At the last minute, I added a can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) for added protein and some texture. I thought what we didn’t finish with dinner that night would make for a great salad to nosh on through the week.


This is a nice alternative to the requisite pasta salad that seems to grace it’s presence at every summer bbq. And not that I have anything against pasta salad, this is just a nice change.

It’s full of flavor and this is one of those salads that gets better as it sits. The flavors really come together after sitting in the fridge for a few hours or better yet, over night.

This is a great dish to take to a potluck since it doesn’t have mayonnaise or anything that will spoil quickly from the sun. I do like to add the feta just before serving though. I think it holds its shape better.


Feel free to use this recipe as a guideline. Use whatever vegetables or fresh herbs you have on hand and switching the citrus and vinegar would be just fine! Black or kidney beans would be great in here too. Go crazy and make it your own. That is, after all, what cooking is all about!

Hope you had as lovely a weekend as we did!!